High quality reproduction of the recorded arts has long been a passion.

Current system comprises:


Cambridge Audio CXN V2

Denafrips Venus II/12th R2R DAC

Michell Gyro SE/Rega RB300 with Michell Technoweight modifications/Grado Reference Cartridge

Networked Sources

Cambridge Audio Streamer CXN V2


Vitus Audio Ri-101 Mark II
Graham Slee Era Gold V Phono Stage
Grado Headphone amplifier

Main Music Room Speakers:

Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor
Grado RS 1 Headphones
Sennheiser 650 Headphones

Auxiliary Room Speakers

JR 149


Tellurium Q Black II
Shunyata Research Power Lead


Soundations F1

Still Points SS

Home Cinema

SONY VPL-HW270 projector
Vivid Storm Screen
Panasonic Blu-Ray/Sony PS4 Blu-Ray
Marantz 8012 Amplifier
Sonus Faber Wall Surrounds
Sonus Faber Centre
Optical HDMI