The Wheel Thing

I’ll never be a super cyclist but I enjoy using these perfect machines. I cycle to work most days (admittedly only a few miles). Bigger trips include:

April, 2005 3 Day Coast to Coast

April, 2005, 3 day west to east trip across Suffolk

April, 2006, 3 day trip around Sussex, including Chichester to Brighton run.

April, 2007 3 day trip across Gloucestershire

I should add that my concept of cycling includes that of reasonably smooth surfaces suitable for the operation of wheels.

I really can’t muster up much enthusiasm for serious “off-road” cycling. You wouldn’t try to ride a bathroom suite down a cliff. So why try with a bike? The wheels are the clue here…

Essentially, a bike is a machine, designed by a god, for moving between pubs.

Bike is a Merida 600 Crossway